A guide to the perfect pearl earrings

Discover which pearl earrings compliment your look best and find your perfect match.

Finding the best pearl earrings for you will involve some serious research. You will want to find a classic pair you can match to everything but also something complementing your style and character. To make things easier for you we will give you a quick guide to the 8 different characteristics you will want to keep in mind when buying pearl earrings.


1. Color

When choosing the color for your pearl earrings you will find out pearls not only come in white but also in a variety of colors like gold, cream, peach, pink, lavender, blue, black, chocolate, and grey. They also come in different intensities of the colors so that you can find lighter and darker shades of the different colors. Note, that not all colors and shades of pearls are natural in case this is important to you.

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2. Natural pearls or cultured pearls

If your thinking natural pearls for your pearl earrings be aware the prices vary between natural and cultured pearls.  Natural pearls are very rare and prices are therefore higher than for cultured pearls. However, this doesn’t mean that there are differences in quality.

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3. Size

Pearl diameters differ from 6mm to 13mm. The smallest pearls can be Akoya or freshwater pearls starting at a 6mm diameter up to 9,5mm (Akoya) and 12mm (freshwater). Tahitian and south sea pearls start at around 8mm and go up to a 13mm diameter. Clearly the value and price of a bigger pearl is higher than the one of a smaller model but for your perfect pearl earrings a pearl with a bigger diameter might be the better choice especially when the pearls are standing alone.

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4. Shape

Pearls are not round all the time but actually have a great variety of shapes like off-round, oval, button, drop, semi- baroque, baroque, and ringed. Besides the classic round shape, a single baroque pearl makes a beautiful earring. Another popular shape for pearl earrings is the drop. Pearl drops can hang from another round pearl or a diamond.

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5. Luster

The luster of a pearl is a measurement of quality by measuring the quantity of light being reflected. The luster scale has five grades from excellent, very good, good, fair, to poor.  Is a pearl standing alone in form of a pearl earring the luster might be an important criteria as you will want this one single pearl to shine as bright as possible.

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6. Quality

The different measurements for the quality of pearls include the size, shape, color, and luster but also surface quality and the nacre quality. The surface quality of a pearl is bad when there are many abrasions and scratches on the surface and is better the rounder and smoother the surface is. The nacre is closely connected to the luster. In fact the better the nacre quality the shinier the luster. The nacre is made up of thousands of thin layers of crystal plates and the thicker this nacre is the more is the pearl likely to have a good luster.

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7. Authenticity

When choosing your pearl earrings you will want to make sure to buy real pearls and avoid frauds. A few tips are to make sure the jeweler you chose is a legitimate jeweler, make sure to get the certificate for the piece of jewelry you have bought which indicates the value and the composition of the pearl earrings.

8. Styles

Depending on how big a statement you would like to make with your perfect pearl earrings you should chose from the different pearl earring styles.  Find some popular styles here.

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