The top 3 lengths for pearl necklaces

Find out all about pearl necklaces and how their length can influence your look.

There are many factors to take into account when buying a pearl necklace like the pearl type, their color and shape, and most importantly its length. Length is definitely something you will want to take some time to think about. Are you a Coco Chanel and enjoy a long elegant rope necklace or are you an Audrey Hepburn with a glamorous shorter multi-rowed pearl necklace. To help you find your perfect length we created a guide for the top 3 lengths for pearl necklaces for you.


1. Short and classy

This length for pearl necklaces is perceived as one of the classics. Its length can vary between 30cm and 48cm and makes a perfect companion for either formal or casual wear. Classic examples for the short and classy length for pearl necklaces are…

… Pearl Collar Necklaces

lengths for pearl necklaces

A pearl collar necklace has usually two or more rows that lie tightly around the neck with a length between 30cm and 34cm. This style can embellish any classic outfit and turn it into a luxurious day or evening outfit.

… Pearl Choker,

lengths for pearl necklaces

The choker has a length of 35 to 40 cm and fits closely around the lower neck. It is the perfect length for a pearl necklace to match with your favorite cashmere sweater or a classy evening dress. With this length you cannot go wrong. It matches every neckline and occasion.

… Pendant on a fine Necklace,

lengths for pearl necklaces

This model will allow you to accentuate the one precious pendent just below your collarbones. The perfect length for this type is about 45 cm. Our favorite options for the pendant are the one single baroque pearl, the perfect round one with 3 brilliant cut diamonds, or the hoop with one single pearl.

… Princess Necklace.

lengths for pearl necklaces

Princess necklaces are considered to be between 43cm and 48cm long, with the most classical length at 45cm. A necklace with this length will be ideal to wear with an either crew or high neckline but can also accessorize a plunging neckline.

2. Glamorous middle

If you are not into the classic shorter variants or the rope necklaces you might find your favorite companion in the center. The two major lengths in this category are pearl matinee necklaces and opera necklaces with a length varying between 50cm and 85cm.

Pearl matinee necklaces

lengths for pearl necklaces

Just in between the length of a princess necklace and an opera necklace is the Pearl matinee necklace with a length between 50cm to 60cm. This model will be your absolute favored match for any occasion from a business lunch to a girls night out.

Opera necklaces

lengths for pearl necklaces

This length gives you the option of wearing it long or double rowed as a choker. With its special length between 70cm and 85cm the pearl necklace is able to adjust to any outfit. A double rowed opera necklace can spice up the classic and elegant piece and give it an even more glamorous look.

3. Long and lovely

Are you looking for a more extravagant version of the classic pearl necklace? A pearl rope necklace puts the S in special with its exceptional length.

Pearl rope necklaces

lengths for pearl necklaces

With a length starting at 115cm this statement necklace cannot miss from any woman’s jewelry collection. Coco Chanel’s favorite is an absolutely adaptable length for necklaces. It can be worn as one long rope necklace but also in a double or triple rowed shorter style. Not in the mood to wear a necklace today? Wear your pearl rope necklace as a bracelet instead!

A long pearl necklace does not always have to be a rope only but there are various individual variants like these special pieces:

lengths for pearl necklaceslengths for pearl necklaceslengths for pearl necklaces

lengths for pearl necklaces