Nila - An admirable gem

A beautiful blue Cashmere sapphire embellishes the crown of Nila.

This gem can possibly be found all over the earth, yet it is so rare.
The search for a sapphire is a point that needs to be taken into consideration. However, at the end of the day, the workmanship of the raw diamond is the decisive factor for the quality of the finished stone.

With Vision of Pearls, product quality is at the top of the priority list. You can tell this from the clarity and the intensity of the sapphire's colour. The corn-flower blue is expressed here, giving Nila its significance.

The ring of Nila is a modern version of the famous engagement ring of Princess Diana, which will definitely give you royal elegance!

Tiana - An Unforgettable Icon

Almost like magic these 109 diamonds shine next to a white-silvery South Sea cultured pearl.

This feature occurs thanks to a unique phenomenon, the so-called total reflection. Each ray of light penetrating through the diamond, is reflected 100%, giving these stones their shining power.

Already long ago, these diamonds were considered strong stones, so their name comes from the Greek language meaning "invincible".

Since the 19th century, this feature is made use of with engagement rings, standing for eternal love.

Apart from a beautiful piece of jewellery, this ring is also safe investment and a real eye-catcher!