The Pearl Oasis

VOP is a unique pearl oasis at Munich’s top location.

Here, masterful craftsmanship and goldsmithery turn exquisite natural and cultured pearls into high-quality jewellery.

The Pearl VisionsVision of Pearls interprets the royal sheen of pearl jewellery: In the designers’ hands, visionsand ideas are turned into fascinating pearl creations for ladies and gentlemen.

The famous "5 S" characterise the value and quality of a pearl: Shine, Surface, Shade, Shape and Size. The sixth "S" stems from "Schley" the companys founder and passionate pearl expert Jutta Schley.


VOP – Manufacture  

Excellent jewellery is something every woman wants to have. The best will always be cherished longest.

We are passionate masters of this handicraft. We are a jewellery manufacture out of passion. Stories are what we are telling through our pearl jewellery.

What distinguishes us from other jewellers are our hand-made unique pieces and individual consulting services for our customers.