Where are they? These 25 years. Was it not yesterday ...?

... young, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm we live it since 1995 ....

The "vision of pearl"! We have nothing but lots of love, joy and highest commitment to these natural masterpieces.
“Vision of Pearls” is and remains our great “love” and with it the company.

In our "pearl seminars", which we have organized for many years, we presented them in all variations and held many lovely events.
Visionary, successful, tastefully chic and promptly young, we set and process these natural "marvels" with noble materials for their lovers.
With “Vision of Pearls” we live and love the “pearl” and work for its natural uniqueness.
Sustainability, harmony, and sensitivity manifest in the pearl just like in the woman who wears them.

Individual advice, friendly discussions with customers and our decades of excellent jewelry design have made VOP such a success and gained us friends from all over the world.

The small "pearl shop", the "pearl boutique" at Kosttor ... on the famous Maximilianstrasse, is getting on in years ... but not out of fashion ...

Thank you very much to everyone who helped to realize this project "Pearls".
I also thank all people, my family and my employees who lovingly help me every day, support me and advance the company, as well as my wonderful clients and dear customers.

With all my heart


VOP – Manufacture  

Excellent jewellery is something every woman wants to have. The best will always be cherished longest.

We are passionate masters of this handicraft. We are a jewellery manufacture out of passion. Stories are what we are telling through our pearl jewellery.

What distinguishes us from other jewellers are our hand-made unique pieces and individual consulting services for our customers.