Top 10 Valentines gift ideas

Check out our top 10 Valentines gift ideas for her and for him.

On this special day celebrating love we try to offer our special one a gift to show them how much we appreciate them and what could be more suitable than jewelry? Sure, chocolates and roses are beautiful but short-lived. The beautiful pearl jewelry will remain a lovely memory of this special Valentines Day for many happy years to come. Have a look at our list of the top 10 valentines gift ideas.


1. The pearl bracelet

This is a great valentines gift for her as well as for him. Depending on your dear one’s character and look you can choose from different pearl colors and styles. A girly version could be a fusion of pink pearls and diamonds and a more masculine variant could be a combination of a leather band and Tahitian black pearls.

Valentines giftValentines gift

2. The pearl ring

Show your love with a delightful pearl ring. Your beloved will appreciate it and love to look at their hand to see your beautiful Valentines gift. To give your gift a personal note you can have it engraved in the back with an important date for your relationship or some sweet words.

Valentines gift

3. The Necklace

For the necklace as a Valentines gift you could chose between the classic pearl strand necklace, a big statement piece, or a fine delicate necklace with the focus on a special pendant. Giving your special one a necklace for valentines entails the romantic moment when putting it on her or him.

Valentines giftValentines gift

4. The Brooch

A brooch can be an outstanding statement on a jacket or a sweater. Your partner will love to spice up their look with an extravagant Valentines gift like a brooch. What about a gorgeous flower brooch instead of short lasting flower bouquets? It can also be a great gift for a man to wear on his suit.

Valentines giftValentines gift

5. Engraved love message

You already found the perfect piece for your loved one and now you want to personalize it? You can have it engraved with a special message for your sweetheart. Show how much you adore them with your customized Valentines gift.

Valentines gift

6. The pearl earring

Pearl earrings are definitely a classic every woman should have and love. They match every outfit and highlight feminine softness. Varying from the size of the form and the size of the pearl they can become a bigger or more delicate statement.

Valentines giftValentines gift

7. The pearl set

A set can consist of earrings and the matching necklace, ring, bracelet, and brooch. A very classic set is Earrings, necklace, and a ring.  A very feminine choice could be pink pearls accessorized with some brilliant cut diamonds. If you are looking for a more classical set have a look at a white or cream colored pearl set.

Valentines gift

8. The perfect cuff links

Does he wear suits to work? Why don’t you sweeten his workdays with some exclusive cuff links? When he puts them on he will think back to this beautiful Valentines Day and start his day with a loving memory.

Valentines giftValentines giftValentines gift

9. The personalized piece

If you are not in a rush think about creating a customized piece for her/ him. Together with the jeweler you can design and create a meaningful piece of jewelry with a personal note as your valentines gift. Make sure to start this project early enough so that it will be done on time.

Valentines gift

10. The charm bracelet

The beauty of this gift is that it can be a chain with memories of special moments.  Starting this Valentines you can add charms to it for their birthday, anniversaries, and milestones in your relationship or achievements in their life.

Valentines giftValentines gift