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Please, follow the important juridical tips to the contents and to the availability of these web pages, to the copyright and to external links.

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The contents of this website are provided with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, VOP takes over no guarantee for the correctness, completeness and actuality of the provided contents.

Availability of the website

VOP will try to offer the service very freely of interruption to the call. Down-times cannot be still excluded with use of all biggest care. VOP reserves itself the right to change her offer any time or to put. For by perfectly invested files or not perfectly structured formats conditioned interruptions or other disturbances VOP cannot take over no guarantee.

All contents and structures of this website are protected originator and leistungsschutzrechtlich. The publication in the World Wide web (www) or in other services of the Internet expressly means no consent for an other use by third. Every utilisation not admitted by the German copyright needs the previous written approval of Jutta VOP Schley r. b.

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VOP is as a contents supplier after §7 Abs.1 a tele medium law for “own contents” which she holds ready to the use, according to the general laws responsibly. Cross-references ("on the left") on the contents held ready by other suppliers are to be distinguished from these own contents. By the cross-reference VOP holds ready if necessary “foreign contents” to the use. With "links" it always concerns dynamic references. As a result VOP has checked by the first-time linking though the foreign contents whether a possible civil law or criminal responsibilit is released by him. On the basis of the possible constant changes of these contents to which she refers in her offer, VOP cannot check constantly these external contents which could anew found a responsibilit. If VOP ascertains or is pointed out by others to the fact that a concrete offer to which she has provided a link releases a civil law or criminal responsibilit, VOP will immediately remove the reference to this offer.