Wearing and Caring for your Pearls

- Please store your pearls in a separate pouch to prevent scratching their surface on sharp metal edges or against trecoius stones.

- Remove your pearls before bathing to avoid contact will soaps. Also, remove pearls before swimming to avoid contact with chlorine and suntan lotion.

- It’s better to put on your pearls after spraying your hair or using perfumes and cosmetic. These substances contain chemicals and may spot or disolve the pearl’surface.

- Your pearls will be appreciative and a wonderful lustre for a long time if, after wearing, you wipe them gently with a soft, hot damp towel to remove body oils and perspiration.

- Please have your pearls restringend once a year, if worn frequently, to avoid the string breaking.

- Keep your pearls happy by wearing them as often as you like. They need your bodyheat, the softness of your skin,, light and attention to show off their original beauty.