Jutta Schley  –  Founder and CEO


With a loving commitment, Jutta Schley has dedicated herself to the fascinating world of jewellery for more than 30 years now.

Being a trained gold smith and gemmologist, she accomplishes the tasks of an entrepreneur with plenty of know-how in all professional areas. She excels through her great experience in the fields of pearls and jewellery as well as thanks to her accuracy in personality and style makeover.

An enormous selection of interesting pearls is what customers can expect from VOP. With her own design and many years of successful work Jutta Schley has created a little pearl oasis, well-respected at an international level. Customer satisfaction has top priority.

«The goal is to give those sensitive pearls the room they deserve for unfolding their delicate impact.»


Xhemil Sabani - Director of Sales Management


Perfect service and individual consulting have top priority for Xhemil Sabani. Being an expert salesman, he has been standing by Jutta Schley’s side for more than 10 years now.

Be it with creating pearls necklaces or communicating with customers, Mr Sabani pays attention to each and every detail. Making private visits and deliveries for international clientele comes naturally to him.

«A smiling customer is the most important thing to me. I want our customers to feel comfortable and secure.»



VOP  - Team

Thanks to experienced employees working at Vision of Pearls, the company excels through a seamless coordination of all business processes.

In order to live up to the very demanding tasks of a jeweller, the employees face current challenges of this international market and provide perfect customer service.

The harmony within the team of Jutta Schley plays a key role in the success of this enterprise. The team is defined by common goals and values, and the group is happy to take care of customers’ wishes.

«Team spirit is the source of top performance and motivation.»