Vision of Pearls: Shining Pe(arl)rspectives

In 1995, Jutta Schley founded VOP-Vision of Pearls, a business spezialised in pearls, in Munich.

By starting VOP, she has established a first-class pearl oasis,in the glass cabinets of which the light refracts upon noble pearls and gemstones.

Rightly so, we can claim to be the best shop for pearl jewellerly on an international level.

In a beautiful atmosphere, Am Kosttor 1 in Maximilianstraße, we welcome you and present an exclusive selection of the finest of pearls.

Also outside opening hours you can expect to get professional and individual consulting. The VOP team is looking forward to your visit!


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 10 am – 7 pm

Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

Individual consulting mobile 0171 - 855 29 69

Social Media & VOP: Visit our new Profiles !

In order to reach out to our customers as far as possible and to guarantee they get up-to-date information on our products and news, VOP - Vision of Pearls present their new official Socila Media websites.

A new and modern profile awaits you on Facebook and Instagram. You will get high-quality photos and videos dealing with our business on a regular basis. This way the VOP team allows insights of what's behind individual pieces of jewellery, resulting in a better understanding.

Visit our profiles on Instagram & Facebook today, and you won't miss a thing anymore !